Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1975 Topps - Cubs Team Set - PSA Graded

One thing that I have started with the older Cubs team sets (1980 and earlier) is to collect them as PSA graded cards. Many of these cards, particularly those from the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s, are very difficult to find at a reasonable price in excellent condition. When I am able to get a card in excellent condition, I want to preserve it. So I am either buying graded cards directly or sending cards to PSA for grading. I also have several partial sets included in the PSA Registry.

I have posted some of the graded cards earlier. However, today I am going to start posting my 1975 Topps set. I currently have 15 of the 31 Cubs cards needed in the PSA Registry. I also have two raw sets plus a complete mini set. My PSA set is 48.4% complete with an average grade of 8.267. The 31 cards that make up the 1975 Cubs PSA Registry set are listed below. The cards that I currently have as PSA Graded are listed in bold.

15 Jose Cardenal
39 Andy Thornton
63 Steve Swisher
85 Bill Bonham
104 Bill Madlock
129 Rick Monday
153 Rick Reuschel
176 Burt Hooton
190 1952 MVP’s – Sauer/Shantz
196 1958 MVPs – Banks/Jensen
197 1959 MVPs - Banks/Fox
233 Billy Grabarkewitz
258 Dave LaRoche
282 Jerry Morales
315 Don Kessinger
338 Rick Stelmaszek
352 Darold Knowles
363 Carmen Fanzone
388 Steve Stone
411 George Mitterwald

434 Bob Locker
436 Ken Failing
469 Tom Dettore
494 Pete LaCock
519 Jim Todd
566 Ray Burris
587 Chris Ward
604 Oscar Zamora
617 Rookie Infielders – Cubbage/DeCinces/Sanders/Trillo
638 Jim Marshall
658 Vic Harris

I have always been attracted to the 1975 Topps set because of the interesting color combinations that were used. I have a near set of 1975 Topps. The only card that is missing from this set is the George Brett RC.

But back to the 1975 Cubs PSA graded 1975 set. The first card that I currently have in my collection is:

#39 – Andre Thornton. This card is a PSA 8 – NM-MT. Thornton began his 14 year MLB career with Cubs in 1973. Thornton played in 271 games as a Cubs – primarily at 1st base. As a Cubs he hit .267 with 30 home runs and 122 RBI’s. In May of 1976, Thornton was traded by the Cubs to the Expos for Larry Biittner and Steve Renko. In December 1976, Thornton was traded by the Expos to the Indians. Thornton had a solid 10 year career with the Indians as a 1st Baseman and DH. As an Indian, Thornton hit .254 with 214 HRs and 749 RBIs. He was a member of the AL All Star Team in 1982 and 1984.

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