Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1975 Topps Baseball - #176 Burt Hooten

Burt Hooten appears on card #176 in the 1975 Topps baseball set. However, Hooten was on the 1975 Cubs rooster for about 15 days. On May 2, 1975, he was traded to the Dodgers for Eddie Solomon and Geoff Zahn to start a 10 year run with Los Angeles.

Hooten’s Cubs career began with three games in 1971. In his first game of 1972 (only his 4th in MLB), Hooten pitched a no hitter against the Phillies in Wrigley Field. Hooten had 7 strikeouts and 7 walks in the game that the Cubs won 4 to 0.

As a Cub from 1971 through early 1975, Hooten pitched in 129 games. He started 92 games and completed his Cubs career with a record of 34 – wins and 44 losses. His Cubs ERA was 3.71.

The move to Los Angeles was good for Hooten. As a Dodger over 10 seasons, he won 112 games and lost only 84. His ERA with the Dodgers was 3.14. While with the Dodgers, Hooten played in three different post seasons. In 11 post season games he won 6 and lost 3. Hooten was a member of the 1981 World Series champion Dodgers

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