Friday, March 19, 2010

1975 Topps Cubs Set Upgrade

I just added a PSA 9 1975 Topps #197 - MVP's to my collection. This was just an upgrade from PSA 8 to PSA 9. This upgrade raised to overall set grade from 8.22 to 8.27. From now on the progress with this set will be slow. Other than the two cards that I am missing evrything else will be upgrades.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1975 Mistake Cards- These Guys Are Cubs!!

The 1975 Topps baseball set has at least four error cards that I can find…..or at least they are error cards in the eyes of this Cubs fan. These four cards feature players who are obviously pictured in the wrong uniform and listed as playing for the wrong team.

Billy Williams is shown in an Oakland A’s uniform. Williams played for the Cubs for 16 seasons in 2,213 games. As a Cub, he hit 392 home runs and drove in 1,353 runs. His Cubs batting average was .296. Williams was traded to the A’s in October 1974 for many Trillo, Darold Knowles and Bob Locker. He played just two seasons for the A’s before retiring.

Ron Santo is shown as a White Sox in the 1975 Topps set. Santo played most of his career in Wrigley Field. As a Cub, he appeared in 2,126 games over 14 seasons. He hit 337 home runs during those 14 years with 1,290 RBI’s and a .279 batting average. In December of 1973, the Cubs sent Santo to the White Sox for Ken Frailing, Steve Stone and Steve Swisher. Santo retired after just one season for the White Sox. Even though he was pictured in the 1975 Topps set, he did not play during that season.

Fergie Jenkins is shown as a Texas Ranger in the 1975 Topps set. Jenkins had six of his seven 20 win seasons as a Cub. Altogether, Jenkins was a Cub for 10 seasons compiling a record of 167 wins and 132 losses with the Cubs. He pitched 2,673 inning for the Cubs with 2.038 strikeouts and ERA of 3.20. Jenkins was traded to the Rangers in October 1973 for Bill Madlock and Vic Harris. After playing for Texas and Boston, Jenkins returned as a free agent in December 1981 to the Cubs to finish his career.

Glenn Beckert played for the Cubs for 9 years in 1,247 games. Along with Don Kessinger, Beckert was a fixture in the middle infield for the Cubs for nearly a decade. Beckert collected 1,423 hits and scored 672 runs for the Cubs. In November of 1973 he was traded to the Padres for Jerry Morales. Beckert played for two seasons in San Diego before retiring.

It just seems wrong for any of these players to be pictured in a uniform other than the Cubs. However, these errors will seem minor after Andre Dawson goes into the Hall of Fame as an Expo.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

1975 Topps #638 Cubs Team - PSA 8

I have added a PSA 8 copy of the Cubs Team card to my collection. This is a somewhat difficult card to find in PSA 8 or better condition. Currently there are 74 copies grade as PSA 8 with only 12 cards graded above PSA 8.
The 1975 Cubs finished the season with a record of 75 wins and 87 losses. This record tied the Cubs with the Expos for last place in the NL East. The Pirates won the division but the NL East division winners just won the right to face the Big Red Machine for the NL Title. The Pirates lost 3 straight to the Reds and were finished for the year.

Jim Marshall was the manager of the Cubs from late season 1974 through the end of 1976. Marshall replaced Whitey Lockman after 93 games of the 1974 season. If nothing else, Marshall was consistent during his two full seasons at the helm of the Cubs. In both 1975 and 1976, the Cubs won 75 and lost 87.

With the addition of this card, I need just two more to finish the 1975 Graded set. I still need #15 Jose Cardenal and #190 – 1952 MVPs. My 1975 Cubs set is currently #4 on the list. It is 93.55% complete with an average grade of 8.226.

Friday, March 12, 2010

1975 Topps PSA Graded Cubs Set - Update on Progress

The most recent addition to my PSA Graded 1975 Cubs set has pushed my set into the #5 position on the all-time list. I have also purchased a PSA 8 version of the #638 Cubs team card. When I receive it I should move up one more step to #4.

Currently, the 1975 Topps set has an overall grade of 8.237 and the set is 90.32% complete. To move any higher than #4 will take some real work and investment. The top three 1975 Cubs sets are all 100% complete and have average grades of 9.29, 9.23 and 8.79 respectively. The price for playing goes up substantially when one moves to PSA 9 or higher.

1975 Topps #434 - Bob Locker - PSA 8.5

I recently added #434 - Bob Locker to my 1975 graded Cubs collection. I was able to purchase a PSA 8.5 version. This has been a bit of a challenge to find in a grade above PSA 8. There are only 4 PSA 8.5's and 21 graded above 8.5.

Bob Locker pitched for the Cubs during two different years - 1973 and 1975. !973 was a strong year for Locker. Probably his best in MLB. In 1973 he had 10 wins to go along with 18 saves and a2.54 ERA. Apparently when he was traded to the Cubs from the A's in 1973 for Bill North, he told the Cubs he would pitch one year in Chicago and then wanted to be traded back to the A's. The Cubs honored the request and sent him back to the A's for Horacio Pina in 1974. Unfortunately for the A's, Locker had to have surgery to remove bone chips and did not play in 1974. He was then traded back to the Cubs along with Darold Knowles and Manny Trillo for Billy Williams.

Locker was not able to repeat his strong play in 1975. In 22 games he won none and lost 1 with an ERA of 4.96. He was released by the Cubs in late June and never played in the majors again.