Monday, May 3, 2010

Upgrading a PSA Set Means a Good Day!!

It is a very good day when I am able to upgrade a card or cards in one of my PSA Graded Cubs sets.

Recently I was able to get a good deal on a pair of PSA 8's that I needed for my 1964 Topps Cubs set.

Moving up one grade in a set like the 1964 Topps moves to a significantly rarer version of the card. The first upgrade was #131 - Steve Boros. In the case of this card, there are over 90 graded cards that are rated higher than PSA 7. There are 71 PSA 8's and only 23 cards graded higher than PSA 8.

The second PSA 8 that I got was #486 - Bob Kennedy. There are 80 cards with a grade higher than PSA 7 for this card. Moving up to a PSA 8 means that there are only 20 cards with a higher grade.
I have posted scans of both the PSA 7 and PSA 8 versions of each card. The difference between a grade level is ofter hard to see. In the case of these two cards the PSA 8's appear to have slightlt better centering, clarity and color.