Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reinventing My Collection

For about two years I worked diligently on a PSA graded 1964 Topps set. I posted each new card that I added to my collection in this blog. However, in March of this year, I found that I was enjoying my Cubs collection more than the effort and time that it would take to finish the 1964 set. So in March and April of 2009, I auctioned about 350 PSA graded 1964 Topps cards. I am now spending my time and money collecting a variety of Cubs items including team sets and scorecards from 1948 through 2009. Other items include books, back issues of magazine, pocket schedules, buttons and photos. These items along with other baseball related finds are displayed in my “Cubs” room.

This blog is now officially shifting from a chronicle of my quest to build a 1964 graded Topps set to a log of my efforts to determine if it is possible to collect too many Chicago Cubs items. I think I already know the answer to that question but lets see how it goes.