Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two Great Old Ernie Banks Cards

Periodically, you may find that I discuss something different than the 1964 Topps Baseball set. I did check my rules for this blog and found that it is OK to digress from time to time.

One other set that I am building in an Ernie Banks PSA Master set. This set covers various cards that were issued during Ernie's playing career (1954 through 1971.). There are a total of 94 different items required to complete this tough set. I use the term items because some of the required items are coins issued in various years. If you interested, this link will take you to the PSA web page that details the Ernie Banks Master Set

I sent two Ernie Banks cards to PSA for grading recently. Both came back with high grades for card of their age.

1956 Topps #15 Ernie Banks PSA 8.5

The first card that I sent in was from the 1956 Topps set. Card #15 in the 1956 set featured Ernie in his 3rd year. This card is a whiteback and a double print. To date PSA has graded 1374 of this particular card. Of those cards that have been graded by PSA only three have recieved an 8.5 and 12 have recieved a grade of 9. The Sports Market Report lists the value of a PSA 8 at $315.00 and the value of a PSA 9 at $2500.00. The ultimate value of a PSA 8.5 will probably be closer to that of a PSA 8 than a PSA 9.

1958 Topps #482 Ernie Banks - All Star PSA 8

The second Ernie Banks card that I got back from PSA was from the 1958 Topps set. This card featured Ernie Banks as an All Star. PSA has graded 788 examples of this card with 162 receiving a PSA 8. There have only been 12 graded higher than PSA 8. The SMC value of a PSA 8 of this card is $115.00.

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