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1964 Cubs - Relief Pitching

Lindy McDaniel - 1964 Topps #510
The closer for the Cubs in 1964 was Lindy McDaniel. McDaniel had been signed in 1955 by the St. Louis cardinals as a bonus baby. In October of 1962, McDaniel was traded to the Cubs along with Larry Jackson and Jimmie Schaffer. The cardinals got George Altman, Don Cardwell and Moe Thacker in the trade.
McDaniel spent three years with the Cubs as a relief pitcher. During that period (1963 to 1965), Lindy appeared in 191 games and saved 39 games.
In December of 1965, McDaniel was traded to the Giants along with Don Landrum for Randy Hundley and Bill Hands.
Other relief pitchers for the Cubs in 1964 were:

Don Elston - 1964 Topps #111
Elston was signed by the Cubs in 1947 and played his first game in the majors in 1953. He was traded by the Cubs to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955. After playing one game with the Dodgers he was traded back to the Cubs in 1957.
Elston played in 449 games for the Cubs. During his time with the Cubs, he won 49 and lost 54 while saving 63 games. Elston was released by the Cubs in 1965.

Wayne Schurr - 1964 Topps #548

Wayne was signed by the Giants in 1959. He was drafted by the Cubs in the 1963 Rule 5 draft. Schurr's only season in the majors was for the Cubs in 1964. During that season, he pitched in26 games (48 innings). He did not record a win, loss or save in 1964 (or in his career). He was traded to the Angels in 1966 along with Chris Krug for Mike White and Don Furnald. Neither of these players ever appeared in a Cubs uniform.

Bobby Shan
tz - 1964 Topps #278 (Pictured as a Cardinal)
Bobby Shantz had a 16 year career in the major leagues. He had two outstanding years with the Philadelphia A's (1951 and 1952). He was the AL MVP in 1952 posting a record of 24 wins and 7 losses. During his career, Shantz won 119 games and lost 99 games.
Shantz came to the Cubs late in his career in the 1964 trade with the cardinals that sent Lou Brock to his HOF career with St. Louis. Shantz served as a relief pitcher for the 1964 Cubs from June 15 to August 15. He was sold to the Phillies in August of 1964. He pitched his final major league game for the Phillies on September 29, 1964.

Freddie Burdette - 1964 Topps #408
Burdette was signed as a free agent in 1954 by the Cubs. He played in the major league during parts of three years (1962 to 1964). During his career he played in 30 games and a total of 34 innings. He won 1 game, lost none and recorded one save.

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