Monday, February 22, 2010

1975 Topps #436 - Ken Frailing

I recently have added a PSA 8 copy of 1975 Topps card #436 - Ken Frailing. While Frailing was only a minor part of the Cubs in 1975, this card is somewhat difficult and expensive to obtain. There are just 101 versions of this card that are graded PSA 8 or higher.

Frailing came to the Cubs along with Steve Stone and Steve Swisher in the December 1973 trade with the White Sox that sent Ron Santo to the southsiders. Frailing had a three year Cubs career with an overall record of 9 wins and 16 losses. Frailing got himself in to trouble by allowing a lot of baserunners. As a Cub, he pitched in 197 innings but gave up 231 hits and 74 walks. This translates to 13.8 hits and walks per 9 innings.

Frailing's hits plus walks ratio per 9 innings (13.8) was higher than Oscar Zamora's (12.6). See the January 6 posting that talks about the song Cubs fans made up about Zamora and his tendency to allow baserunners.

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